Evening Vibes Part II


The same room from a different angle




Lots of idols of Buddha to promote zen energy, placed strategically according to fengshui. On another stool, to balance out the  energy zones, Ganesha idols are kept in perfect harmony. A low seating table is placed on a carpet which has a gradient ranging from brown to golden hues.

Keep a potted plant in the gallery running between the two rooms t ogive an air of freshness to the whole room. The pot containing the plant also has a morroccan print on it with motifs painted in bright vivid colors so as to make it stand out against the stark white wall. The painting is in accordance with the idol theme of the house: Radha-Krishna promote serenity in this beautifully hand-painted painting from Rajasthan, India. The spotlight on it gives it a classy and elegant look.


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